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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"You've been Coned"

We are finally home after our three week vacation. It feels so good to be back and there is one "foodie" story I just have to share with you. A few weeks ago, we were with some friends driving up to Missouri to drop one of our kids at camp and we decided to stop at a tiny b-b-que restaurant in Springhill, AR. We were eating some great b-b-que (that was also insanely cheap) and all of the sudden, the waitress walks up to my husband with a 18" tall soft serve ice cream cone, and says (she was talking so fast she sounded like she was an auctioneer) "Listen quick, because I am only going to tell you once. I challenge you to eat the top two scoops of ice cream in one bite. If you succeed the cone is free, if you don't then you pay up. Are you ready?" Without hesitation Pete dove into the ice cream cone and ate off the top two scoops. Everyone in the restaurant was cheering (all 20 of us) and she said, "Welcome to Springhill, AR my friend! Now you can leave and tell everyone you have been 'Coned'!" Let's just say the laughter didn't end for quite a while. I just had to include a picture of Pete, it's clearly out of focus, but funny none-the-less.


Blogger Katie M. said...

I wanna be coned!

July 23, 2009 at 9:14 PM  

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