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Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Festive Kitchen

Some of my fondest memories of working in my Mom's commercial kitchen, “The Festive Kitchen", was scooping cookie dough.  My Mom came up with this unbelievable chocolate chip cookie dough that she began selling in the local Sam's Clubs in Dallas and after their popularity went through the roof she decided to turn the front of her commercial kitchen into a store front and sold her cookie dough there.  I was in high school at the time, in need of some extra cash, so my Mom put me to work scooping dough.  Now, when you bake cookies at home, you have a nice little bowl of dough and you scoop.  Well, at a commercial kitchen the quantities are much larger. These bowls of dough, when dumped on the table were about 3 ft. by 2 ft!  So let's just say that my entire day would consist of scooping.  I even had calluses from the dough scooper!  Some of my favorite times were the conversations I would have with the others working in the kitchen while standing at a table scooping for hours on end.  One of the ladies who works for my Mom just scooped her millionth cookie dough ball last year!!

Last week was the grand opening of her new store in Richardson. Remember the little store front that she began at the front of her commercial kitchen?  That little store has now relocated and so her commercial kitchen is over 2500 sq. ft. and her location in Richardson is a darling store just a few blocks away.  If you live in the Dallas area or are passing through, make sure to check out one of her three locations (Dallas, Richardson and McKinney).  Now there is so much more than cookie dough.  There are hand-made gourmet salads, sides, appetizers, desserts, breads....the list goes on and on. Other than her cookie dough, she also sells her famous amazing chicken salad.  Last year they sold so much that the refrigerator door fell off the hinges!  So here's the plan, head to The Festive Kitchen, pick up some chicken salad (tell them Carrie sent you), head to the closest park (Turtle Creek is my favorite) and enjoy an incredibly delicious meal.

Photo taken by my brother, Luke Korem, with "Sixth Seal"


Anonymous said...

Any chance you can share your Mom's "Ooey Chewy" recipe?? It's my husband's favorite (some of the dough never even makes it into the oven!). :-)

February 12, 2010 at 11:13 AM  
Blogger Deliciously Organic said...

Wish I could, but her recipes are trademarked. Sorry!

February 13, 2010 at 6:35 PM  

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